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Namibia: Unforgettable Holidays

It’s Sub-Saharan Africa’s best kept secret – but with visitor numbers rising steadily every year, Namibia won’t be an in-the-know destination for long. Combining ethereal desert landscapes and unforgettable wildlife with up-to-date tourism infrastructure, it makes for a perfect first taste of the world’s most romantic continent. There are endless adventures to be had here, from spotting black rhino and cheetah on a luxury safari to hiking the impressive Fish River Canyon and climbing the gigantic sand dunes of Sossusvlei. So grab your camera, don your desert sandals and let Namibia sweep you off your feet.

Two women of the Herero tribe in Namibia

Herero Women

Take a silver safari

Even seasoned safari-goers will be entranced by Namibia’s Etosha National Park, where the salt-encrusted sands shimmer magically and the world’s largest cheetah population congregates around prey-rich watering holes. Spot elephant, zebra, giraffe, black rhino and big cats alongside thousand-strong herds of springbok – then retire to a luxury lodge for a rose petal bath and candlelit cocktails under the stars.

A variety of animals in Etosha in Namibia

Etosha National Park

Climb mighty dunes

Namibia is home to some of the world’s highest sand dunes, with the most spectacular specimens concentrated around Sossusvlei. In this landscape of stark sienna sands, bleached salt pans and bright blue skies you’ll discover the tallest dune in the country – 325-metre-high Big Daddy. Climb this fabulously named colossus for gobsmacking views over the fossil trees of Dead Vlei, or watch the sun rise from the smaller but equally beautiful Dune 45. For an even better view, take a hot air balloon ride over the Namib Desert and see Sossusvlei from the air.

Sand dunes in Namibia

Climb the sand dunes

Hike Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon is the largest canyon in Africa – an epic 160 kilometres long and up to 550 metres deep. The five-day hike that traverses half its length is an adventure like no other, but you don’t need walking boots and thighs of steel to enjoy this immense natural wonder. Take a helicopter flight over the canyon, drive down into it via the winding gravel highway from Ai-Ais, or enjoy a leisurely picnic at the main viewpoint. What’s more, with Fish River Canyon still such a well-kept secret, you might just have the panorama all to yourself.

Fish River Canyon in Namibia

Fish River Canyon

Discover the Skeleton Coast

As atmospheric as its name, this barren stretch of coastline north of Swakopmund was notorious among early explorers for its strong currents and shifting underwater sandbanks. Many came to grief on the beaches and you can still see the skeletons of ancient ships rising forlornly out of the ocean. The landscapes here come straight out of a fantasy novel. Think outlandish rock formation, reverberating dunes that roar in the wind and natural castles formed out of clay. Take a fly-in safari to see desert-adapted elephant, hyena and giraffe scratching a living from the dry river valleys.

Skeleton Coast in Namibia

Skeleton Coast

Go off-grid in North Eastern Namibia

If you want to travel completely off the tourist radar then head for wild North Eastern Namibia. From the swamps and forests of the Zambezi Region to the crocodile-infested rivers of Mudumu National Park, this fertile hideaway is in complete contrast with the arid desert that characterises the rest of the country. Whether it’s watching fishermen cast for fanged tiger fish on the Kwando River, camping in Bwabwata National Park, or exploring the floodplains of the Puku Flats, every day here is a new adventure.

Amazing sunset in Namibia

Amazing sunset

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