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Uganda - Queen Elizabeth National Park

Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park is famed for its Valley of the Apes, but its wildlife is so vast and so varied that its esteem should be held for much more than just its prized primates.

The Kyambura River sits deep in a sunken gorge and is covered by a dark green tropical forest. Already one of Uganda’s most striking sights, the lush rainforest sees chimpanzees, red-tailed and colobus monkeys all swing between its branches. Follow the river downstream for sightings of flamingos, pink-backed pelicans and shoebill storks.

Water is an abiding feature across the national park. At nearly 100 square miles, Lake George is one of its most dramatic sights. For a completely different safari experience, visitors should cruise down the Kazinga Channel to see submerged hippos, supping buffalo and African fish eagles diving to catch their prey.

At the southern reaches of the park is the Ishasha sector, where the larger mammals can be found. Feeding on the grasslands are buffalo and elephants, but it is the rare, tree climbing lion that visitors will want to spot. The big cats may have already claimed the best viewpoint in the grasslands, so travellers will need to be hawk-eyed to glimpse their paws hanging from the fig trees.

For those seeking a sensational safari, Uganda is majestic.

This secluded retreat is located beside the Ntungwe River and offers quality accommodation is this unspoilt, off the beaten track area of the Queen Elizabeth National Park, famed for its tree-climbing lions.


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