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Where to go in October

Elephants in Etosha, Namibia

Etosha, Namibia

Wondering where to go in October? You may be surprised to find Oktoberfest in Namibia. Visitors have the unique opportunity to see the African version of this famous German beer festival. There’s wildlife watching aplenty, but October is also a great month for a beach break as the islands of the Indian Ocean are at their very best.

Where to go in October


Beach with palm trees in Mombasa, Kenya


October marks the last month of the dry season in Kenya so it’s one of the best times of the year to visit. There are fewer watering holes for the animals to congregate around so wildlife spotting is at its best. Temperatures average 24°C in Nairobi and 30°C in Mombasa.


October is the last month in Tanzania’s dry season so you can expect extremely dry conditions. This is great news if you’re visiting to see the wildlife as the limited watering holes ensure they’re constrained to a smaller area and are much easier to spot. Temperatures average 31°C in Arusha and 26°C in Zanzibar. Humidity is low and there will be clear, sunny skies most days.

South Africa

October sees very pleasant weather all over South Africa thanks to the warm temperatures and small amount of rain. Temperatures average 21°C and rainfall is around 25 mm all month. Any rain will usually fall in the late afternoon, so will not disturb safari drives.


Lions in Botswana


October is one of the hottest months in Botswana with temperatures soaring up to 33°C. There is around 25 mm of rain all month but the landscape will be very dry following a five month dry season. This has created the ideal conditions for safari drives as it is much easier to spot animals when there are fewer watering holes.


October is a transition month between the dry season and the wet season. There will have been five months of very dry conditions so any rain is a welcome relief. Temperatures can be hot and regularly reach 39°C while rainfall averages 10 mm all month.


October is a great time to visit Zambia as it’s the end of the dry season. The dry landscape offers the perfect conditions for game viewing. There’s an average of 25 mm of rain throughout the month. It is the hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 24°C but it isn’t unusual for it to soar into the 30’s.


October is a fairly good month to visit Uganda. You’re in the middle of the second rainy season but it isn’t as wet as is it earlier in the year. Temperatures average 22°C and there is around 110 mm of rain. The extra rain makes it slightly more difficult to spot wildlife but it is still a popular time to visit.


October marks the start of a rainy season in October with an average of 130 mm of rain throughout the month. This extra rain can sometimes make travel difficult. Temperatures average 19°C and evenings can be cool.


Beautiful beach scene at sunset on Matemo Island, Mozambique


October is the time to visit Mozambique if you’re looking for hot, dry weather. It is the hottest month of the dry season with temperatures averaging 23°C. There is an average of 51 mm of rain and it is fairly common to see afternoon showers.


October is one of the best times of the year to visit Ethiopia. The previous months have been hot and wet so the landscape is beautifully lush and green. Temperatures average a very pleasant 23°C, although it can be much warmer in Eastern Ethiopia. There is very little rainfall at about 30 mm and the days tend to be long, clear and sunny.


What’s On?

Hermanus Whale Festival, South Africa

Breaching Whale in South Africa

Whale in South Africa

Billed as an enviro-arts festival held in the beautiful coastal town of Hermanus, an alluring combination of artistic performance and whale watching result in one of South Africa’s most exciting and rewarding festivals. Music, food, crafts, sports, eco awareness and kids’ entertainment provide the basis of the festival, with breaching whales amid the sparkling waters of South Africa delivering the remarkable backdrop.


Nile Gold Jazz Safari, Uganda, First Week of October

Who knew Uganda was such a pioneering nation for jazz? Well for one day at the beginning of October the country’s love for this genre is celebrated in the capital Kampala, welcoming countless jazz musicians to the stage from all over the world. A vibrant and artistic atmosphere is guaranteed – make sure you grab your tickets!


Oktoberfest, Namibia

As a previous territory of Germany, there’s no surprise that the culture and indulgence surrounding beer has seeped its way into Namibian customs. At the end of the month, this celebration of everyone’s favourite alcoholic beverage peaks with the iconic Oktoberfest. While it may not rival that of Munich, the festival attracts countless beer-drinkers to the capital Windhoek.


Jacaranda Festival, South Africa, October – November

Pretoria is home to a mass of jacaranda trees and in the late spring when the trees are in bloom, a distinctive shade of purple spreads around the city. The people of Pretoria pay tribute to this iconic native tree with the exciting and colourful Jacaranda Festival. There’s family entertainment and some superb little markets, delivering a fantastic flavour of this region of South Africa.


Wildlife Events

Active Heronries, Okavango Delta, Botswana

While most people flock on safaris to Africa for beasts with four legs, there are some incredible bird watching opportunities to be enjoyed across the continent. Among the most fascinating are the heronries, which begin to crop up across the waters of numerous national parks and wildlife areas. The Okavango Delta is home to some of the most impressive, and October is the ideal month to whip out the binoculars and witness these graceful creatures.


Down by the River, Katavi National Park, Tanzania

Hippos in Tanzania


October presents one of the hottest and driest months of the year, in fact, in Tanzania October is the beginning of the end of the long dry season, and for many animals the availability and consumption of water will dominate their monthly behaviour. The rivers that flow through the Katavi National Park are often the only water sources in this area for hundreds of miles, ensuring safari tourists are practically guaranteed to spot a huge concentration of wildlife.

Island Escapes, Mozambique and Tanzania

The islands of the Indian Ocean are magical at this time of year, with little rain and warm temperatures ensuring you can enjoy a wonderful beach break in between safari adventures. Hop from Tanzania’s national parks to its islands, enjoying some fantastic snorkelling in Zanzibar, while Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago will provide unimaginably clear waters for donning a diving mask.

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