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Top 10 tips for the first time safari-goer

Planning your first-time safari can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. At SOMAK, we aim to offer you a stress-free holiday of a lifetime, where you can relax and enjoy your trip, with little space to worry. To help you make the most out of your first safari adventure, here are our top 10 tips for a smoother trip.

1. Check the calendar


Wildebeest migration

Going on safari is possible all year round, but your experience will vary according to the seasons. Visit Kenya in August to watch the incredible wildebeest migration across the Masai Mara, or enjoy bird watching throughout Southern Africa between December and March.

2. Be medically prepared

Make sure to have all the necessary vaccinations and medications you need before you set off for your African adventure.

3. Safety first

It’s very important to listen to your guide and to ensure that you stay with the group at all times.

 4. Animal spotting

Buffalo with 6 birds on his back


Animals are the main attraction of any safari, and seeing them can make your trip truly spectacular. Keep in mind, though, that nature is unpredictable and that you may not always see all the animals you hope to. But keep your eyes peeled and stay positive, you never know what you’ll come across out there!

5. Take your time

Secretary bird in Kenya

Secretary bird

Many people try to fit in as much as possible during their trip and don’t take the time to enjoy their surroundings. During your trip, slow down and soak up your environment. Take the opportunity to learn from your guides, to appreciate the animals, and to immerse yourself in the culture.

6. Don’t forget the bare necessities

There are quite a few things that you’ll need on your safari adventure, from sunscreen and walking shoes to your camera and binoculars. Take a look at our checklist to make sure you’ve packed the essentials.

7. Easy luggage

Back pack

Travelling light

Take soft-sided luggage instead of large hard cases, and try to pack light. This will help your luggage to fit more easily in the vehicles and make it more comfortable to carry to and from the lodges.

8. Layering is key

Be prepared for potential weather changes by wearing vests under cotton or linen shirts. Investing in trousers that can double up as shorts can help you adjust to the fluctuating temperature in the time it takes to undo a zip! Dress comfortably and opt for sturdy, waterproof footwear.

9. Colour choices

Wear neutral or sand toned clothes to minimise the dryness and avoid white and cream where possible. Experiment with your fashion choices at the lodge; why not go for animal prints to help you feel at home on the Savannah?

10. Keep your camera close


Keep your camera ready

You never know when you’ll see something amazing, so always have your camera ready to take that next stunning shot. If you’re travelling to Africa with the idea of taking some fabulous photos, then maybe think about getting an SLR camera with at least two lenses to help you take a wide range of shots.

Whether you decide to safari in South Africa, see the Serengeti in Tanzania, or experience the Masai Mara in Kenya, you can use these tips to ensure that you make the most out of your holiday.

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