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Meet Our Driver Guides – Introducing Dan!

Meet Dan, who has been a Driver Guide with Somak Luxury Travel for over 15 years!


How long have you been working at Somak and what inspired you to become a driver guide?

I have been at Somak as a driver guide for fifteen years.

What has changed during the time you’ve worked at Somak?

Before I joined Somak I thought I loved nature and wildlife a lot but the moment I started working at Somak, I have come to appreciate more of the environment and wildlife as a whole. This has given me a positive altitude on handling and taking care of the environment, which I keep passing to others everywhere and everyday.

What is your favourite national park?

Although I love all the animals in our national parks, Samburu & Buffalo springs national reserves are my best parks. This is  because, sometimes i can easily spot my two favourite animals (the elephant and the leopard) and the many species of birds found there.

Most memorable sighting?

Seeing a Leopard in Masai Mara National reserve killing a cheetah,then carrying it up on a tree and having it as a meal. This a very rare occurrence in our parks.

Tips for anyone going on safari for the first time?


  • Expect surprises so always keep your camera ready while on game drive.
  • Always bring a pair of binoculars…it might be important incase the animal or bird is far away.
  • Ask as many questions about nature and safari as possible.  Go back with all the information you think you need about the safari.
  • Apart from taking pictures, try and enjoy the nature.
  • Create time if possible for cultural tourism too while on safari.


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