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Kenya Wildlife Census

elephants in Samburu

Photos by Beks, Unsplash

Kenya’s heritage of natural beauty and scenic splendour is made substantially richer because of the magnificent and diverse wildlife. Kenya is renowned for its rich bio-diversity that spans air, water, and land; natural wealth that makes it a conservation and tourism destination second to none.

As the world struggles with both climate change and human activities that threaten botanical and zoological life as well as their habitats, Kenya is leading the way by implementing bold and decisive actions to conserve and promote its ecological wealth.

White rhinos in Kenya

White rhinos

Kenya’s first National Wildlife Census, covering both land and aquatic wildlife, takes to the air after launching on May 7th 2021. Planes, helicopters, boats and 4x4s were deployed in the task. The census is conducted through a partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, the Kenya Wildlife Service and the newly-created Wildlife Research & Training Institute.

Previously only specific animals were counted; this census, however, includes all animals.

The preliminary data is already ‘very worrying’, according to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), many of the animals were spotted around watering holes close to people’s homes, a sign of extensive human encroachment into wildlife territory.

Somak Luxury Travel are committed to conservation, and we work with partners like the Born Free Foundation to promote the continued survival and advancement of Africa’s wildlife. We care, not only because our industry relies on wildlife, but also because we have seen firsthand the damage that has been done already in our over fifty years of existence. We know that action must be taken now to ensure that the wildlife we love is there forever.

5 cheetahs

Picture by Ahmad Galal, Unsplash

Our popular Cheetah Safari in Kenya is filled with adventure and magnificent wildlife, visiting two main national parks, Samburu and the world-famous Masai Mara. Book now and depart next year. Departing Heathrow 12 June 2022: 1 night Nairobi followed by 7 nights safari from £2330 per person, based on two sharing.


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