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Imperial India travel agents trip 2018 – Part 4 – Jaipur

Ladli Foundation, Jaipur

Whilst we were in Jaipur we enjoyed one of the absolute highlights of our superb Indian trip; we visited Ladli, a local NGO which offers a vocational training programme for abused, orphaned and destitute children. For most of the children their alternative would be begging, child labour, or even prostitution, but at Ladli they learn to make jewellery and handicrafts – valuable skills in Jaipur.

Children at the Ladli Foundation, Jaipur, India

The group met with some of the adorable children at the Ladli Foundation

The children are also taught Hindi, English, Art and Dance, and provided nutrition, medical check-ups and counselling. Most importantly of all they gain confidence, hope and self-esteem. They believe that, in addition to providing children education and employability, Ladli is a place where emotional trauma and the stresses of poverty can in some way be healed.

Jaipur, India

A delightful young lady from the Ladli Foundation

Not surprisingly all of our group were happy to part with some money and purchase some of the professional handicrafts as gifts to take home to family and friends, as well as leaving the teachers with some drawing materials that we had brought from the UK! There is no hard sell here, but I was moved when the young lady who collected my little basket of treasures confirmed to me that I was purchasing some of the gifts that she had personally made.

A visit to the Ladli Foundation is included in our itineraries which visit Jaipur.

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