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African Safari Diaries: The true circle of life!

Sheree and Sean stand in the shade of a tree, in front of the Safari 4x4 vehicle, both wearing sunglasses.

Sheree and Sean on Safari (@_nirushika_)

An African safari is a thrilling experience that provides a one-of-a-kind chance to experience the continent’s incredible wildlife and its rich cultural heritage. UK Travellers, Sheree Atcheson and Sean McCrory, recently embarked on this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and Sheree shared some reflections on their trip. 

The couple chose this trip which combined a Safari with a beach break to celebrate their sixth Wedding anniversary.

“We chose Kenya and Zanzibar because they offered us both all the activities and the option of relaxing after,” said Sheree, adding that both were very beautiful locales for their holiday. 

Lake Nakuru

They first visited Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge, which overlooks Lake Nakuru and is located on a range of hills that form the western limit of Africa’s Great Rift Valley. There are many animals and birds in Lake Nakuru National Park, including both white and black rhinos and the rare Rothschild’s giraffe.

 “The views from our room across the Lake were breathtaking,” said Sheree “In hindsight, we should have spent more time there.” 

An african dream: Maasai Mara

Elephants on the grassy riverbed in the Maasai Mara National Reserve

Elephants in a riverbed. Photo by Sheree Atcheson (@_nirushika_)

 After a night at Lake Nakuru, the couple moved to the Maasai Mara and Ashnil Mara Camp.

“Ashnil Mara is at the farthest end of Maasai Mara before you hit the river, which means you’re right on the riverbed,” said Sheree. The lodge made up of luxury tents lies alongside the Mara River deep within the Maasasi Mara National Reserve, much to the delight of the Atchesons.

 “We saw hippos, crocodiles, hyenas, and mongooses every evening when we came back,” said Sheree.

Looking back at her trip, Sheree said the service and especially the staff at both the Sopa Lodge and Ashnil Mara were amazing, and she would gladly recommend either resort to future travellers.

Guided by their driver

Asked if anything she had learned on safari in Africa had stood out, Sheree said their driver guide was a font of information.

“Our driver Edward was really passionate about Safari, and through that, we learned so many different facts – from all the types of birds we saw – to the different ways the animals interact based on seasons and more.”

“There was a lot to take in. I guess my favourite statistic is that warthogs have super poor short-term memory, so they ran away from us, and then stopped because they forgot why they were running!”

Dead animal carcass in the foreground with lioness behind it, grass and bush and a bare tree filled with over a dozen vultures is in the background

A lioness lies nearby the carcass of a recent kill while Vultures in the bare tree nearby watch for their opportunity to feed. Photo by: Sheree Atcheson (@_nirushika_)

Driver Guide standing in front of a Safari Vehicle.

Sheree attributes much of their luck in seeing so many African animals to Edward’s ‘eagle eyes’. Photo by Sheree Atcheson (@_nirushika_)


“My highlight was seeing a lioness with an elephant carcass that she’d found. In the background, there are lots of vultures in a tree, waiting for their turn. The true circle of life!” 

“We also saw all of the Big 5 and more. Seeing the cheetah brothers hunting was spectacular, full pride of lions and even a leopard sleeping in a tree with its kill.” 

“With Safari, you take a punt that you might see nothing – it is luck,” said Sheree who admits she and Sean were incredibly lucky to have seen so many different animals.

“We were fortunate and our success was down to our own luck and the driver, Edward’s eagle eyes!” 

It’s phenomenal to see these beautiful animals up so close and a privilege to be near their home,” she said.

African Safari advice

Sheree said she would definitely advise anyone considering a Safari holiday to do it. “You won’t regret it, but go with zero expectations because you just never know what could happen,” she said. She said when on game drives her best advice for travellers would be to practice patience. “You’ll never know what you’ll see – we will for sure do it again.” 

Sheree said safari holidays are best suited for couples, groups of adults, or families with teenage children. Check out Sheree’s facebook, or Instagram Feed,  for more pictures.

Hot Air Balloons flying over the grassy Savannah in Kenya, Africa. Insert Sheree Atcheson drinking sparkling wine. Photos By Sean and Sheree Atcheson.

Hot Air Balloons flying over the grassy Savannah in Kenya, Africa. Insert Sheree Atcheson drinking sparkling wine. Photos By Sean McCrory and Sheree Atcheson. (@_nirushika_)

African Savannah with animals including giraffe and African buffalo in the foreground, the photo on the right has hot air balloons in the background.



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