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African Safari Diaries : Celebrating a 40th Birthday in Kenya!

On this edition of African Safari Diaries we are sharing Henry and his husband’s trip to Kenya for a 40th birthday celebration. It was their first time going on safari and we loved hearing all about their experience!

  1.   What made you choose to go on an African Safari? Was this your first time visiting Kenya and going on a safari?

The trip was a gift to my husband for his 40th Birthday. He is a big animal lover and his dream has always been to go on one, so I wanted to make it come true! It was our first visit to Kenya and our first Safari.

  1.   How did you hear about Somak Luxury Travel?

We used Travel Designers who really recommended Somak. I then did a fair bit of research and was impressed by the reviews and that you are experts in Safaris especially.

Also, the fact you have your own guides and team on the ground made a big difference as I did not want a company that outsourced everything but actually cared and did it themselves.

  1. Where did you stay whilst on your Safari and what was your favourite property?

Photo credit: Henry McLean

We travelled around a fair amount which was brilliant as we got to see lots of different terrains and with it many different animals. We started in Aberdares then on to Samburu then Lake Naivasha and finally the Masai Mara. The whole time having our own guide (Dedan) who was really good and the most knowledgeable person about animals I have ever met!

For me my two favourite places were Samburu and the Masai Mara, at both of these we stayed in these luxury tents by a company called Ashnil. The tents were amazing – the word tent does not really do it justice! 

Photo credit: Henry McLean

Although that said the lake was equally as magical as being in a boat with Hippos nearby was a memory I will never forget. Hippos are scary yet beautiful at the same time in an almost hypnotic way. 

  1. What were the highlights from your trip?

Photo credit: Henry McLean

There were so many, it was the trip of a lifetime! Probably the highlight was the number of animals we saw – the big five (Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephants and Buffalo) and everything else we could possibly want to! Also, the people were a highlight, how friendly and welcoming everyone was. 

  1. Any advice or tips for anyone thinking of going on a Safari?

Do it! No seriously a few tips that were given to me that made a big difference were if you can get your own exclusive 4×4.

Photo credit: Henry McLean

This meant it was a much more intimate experience with the animals and we could focus on what we wanted to see. 

Photo credit: Henry McLean

If you can, get a flight over the Masai Mara – we got a Safari Link plane and the experience and views were amazing.

Photo credit: Henry McLean

It also saved us a day of driving and meant more time on the stunning Kenya coast, that’s probably my last tip – have a beach holiday after while in Kenya as the beach and sea is breathtaking!

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All photos are credited to Henry McLean


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