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African Safari Diaries: A traditional 7 night Cheetah Safari

Micaela is a Kent-based Founder and Editor of the Lifestyle Blog – Life in Lilac. She and her sister visited Kenya for the first time earlier this year. They had really wanted to go on a safari for a long time and decided to take the plunge. She tells us all about their experience!

Choosing the itinerary

Giraffe in the Masai Mara


We chose our Safari, The Cheetah Safari, based on the accommodation ratings, value for money and of course, the areas for the best wildlife spotting opportunities.


We stayed in several places:

1 night Aberdare Country Club
2 nights Ashnil Samburu Camp
1 night Serena Mountain Lodge
1 night Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge
2 nights Ashnil Mara Camp

We really felt as if we were among the wildlife at Ashnil Samburu with the monkeys running around the camp and elephants coming right up to the fence which was amazing. We loved being able to look out over the waterhole at the Serena Mountain Lodge and marvelling at the animals coming for a drink.

The luxury accommodation at Lake Naivasha had us wanting to extend our stay there, whereas the Ashnil Mara Camp was the perfect last stop on the safari.

We saw lots of amazing animals here and loved the friendly and relaxed atmosphere which is just what you need after a 5-hour long game drive!


Regal African Elephant


We had so many great experiences! Firstly, of course, seeing the majestic and awe-inspiring wildlife just blew us away, especially the elephants at Ashnil Samburu and seeing a cheetah and her three cubs up close on the Masai Mara.

Cheetah family


Secondly, we really enjoyed the comfort of our Land Cruisers and experiencing the rugged terrain of Kenya!

Rhino at Lake Naivasha


Thirdly, we loved the whole atmosphere of the trip, our driver and everyone at the camps was so friendly and eager to make our stay comfortable – not forgetting our safari companions who made the perfect safari family.



Advice & Tips



Come prepared with insect repellants and bite creams.

Don’t forget to organise anti-malaria pills and other vaccinations before travelling.

Take anti-diarrhoea tablets and remember to keep yourself hydrated. Make your own rehydration drink with bottled water, a little salt and a little sugar.

Invest in a telephoto lens for your camera to avoid disappointing photographs. Although some animals do come really close to the vehicle some, such as leopards, you may only see from far away and up high in trees. I only bought my telephoto lens the day before we left for safari and I am SO glad I did!

Buffalo in Kenya

Safari in Kenya

If after reading Micaela’s experience you would like to book a similar itinerary, you can read about our Cheetah Safari.

We would love to work with you to plan the safari holiday of a lifetime. For more information on how our safari experts can help you, call Somak Holidays today on 020 8423 3000 or enquire here.

All photos featured are credited to Micaela Levachyov.


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