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8 reasons to choose a Homestay as accommodation

A Homestay is a type of accommodation, which is mainly a family’s home, with a similar concept to a bed & breakfast. They are a lot smaller than hotels with a much more boutique feel often with just a few guest rooms located either within the owners own home or in a house nearby. They usually offer the same comfort as a hotel.

Ikaki Nivas in Jaipur

Ikaki Nivas in Jaipur

Homestays are becoming more and more popular and here are eight benefits of staying in one on your next trip.

  1. As the Homestays are owned by local residents you get to meet local people and get lots of insider tips as well as recommendations about the destination so that you can experience it beyond the tourist trail.
  2. Homestays are generally really good value for money and so can make your trip more cost effective.
  3. They are the perfect base for solo travellers as they are safe and you get to meet the local family as well as other residents and share meals.
  4. While staying at a homestay you will be able to immerse yourself in the local way of life and learn more about different local cultures and customs.
  5. Most Homestays are located in good residential areas which are sometimes in quieter and more peaceful locations than the hotels.
  6. You will receive a more personalised and tailored service compared to staying in a hotel.
  7. As it is a type of responsible tourism, you will be directly supporting the local community whilst having an unforgettable experience.
  8. You will be able to sample local cuisine whilst staying at a Homestay, which is sometimes so much more authentic than the food you will find at restaurants or hotels. Some Homestays even offer cooking classes or hold cooking demonstrations.


Ikaki Nivas in Jaipur

Cooking demonstration at Ikaki Nivas in Jaipur


If you would like to experience staying in a Homestay, we would be delighted to recommend some Homestays in your chosen destination and help create a fantastic itinerary for you.

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