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5 incredible Wildlife experiences around the world

From seeing the elusive tiger to the big five, here are 5 incredible Wildlife experiences you can have around the world.

Go in search of the elusive Tiger in India 

Tiger on a log in India

Tiger on a log

According to the latest tiger census, the positive news is that India’s tiger population has grown by a third in the past four years to nearly 3,000 tigers.

Why not plan a trip to India to see them. Our 14 night ‘Golden Triangle Plus Tiger Safari’ is perfect. You will start with the world-famous Taj Mahal in Agra, then on to experience the hustle and bustle of Delhi, and its markets, temples and forts. Next up you’ll visit Jaipur, the ‘pink city’, which is home to the royal family. Next you will enjoy game drives in Ranthambhore where you may be lucky enough to see the magnificent tigers. You will also visit Bandhavgarh and Kanha national parks with the chance to see a variety of wildlife.

Find out more: The Golden Triangle Plus Tiger Safari

See Sri Lanka’s magnificent wild Elephants

Baby elephant in Sri Lanka

Baby elephant

Elephants are an important cultural symbol to Sri Lankans and thanks to conservation efforts are prevalent throughout the island. Why not embark on our 13-night ‘Best of Sri Lanka’ Tour and gain an insight into the ancient culture and contemporary folklore, amidst a backdrop of astounding scenery, and see at first hand the native wildlife of Sri Lanka with a luxury safari camp stay in a national park. This itinerary offers you a real taste of the country, with ample time to explore and relax.

Find out more: https://www.somak.com/sri_lanka/suggested-itineraries/best_of_sri_lanka_-_luxury_option

Spot Ethiopia’s Wolves

Ethiopian Wolf

Ethiopian Wolf

The Bale Mountains National Park, an eight-hour drive south from Addis Ababa, is home to some of Ethiopia’s rarest wildlife including its most celebrated resident, the Ethiopian wolf.

We recommend our 17-night ‘Best of Ethiopia’ tour, which covers all the main sites in the only African country never to have been colonised. It is steeped in history, reflected in its many ruins and churches throughout the land. The Best of Ethiopia tour will disclose many layers of its history as well as introduce you to some of the country’s enigmatic and fascinating tribes people.

Find out more: https://www.somak.com/ethiopia/suggested-itineraries/best_of_ethiopia

See the Gorillas of Bwindi National Park

Three gorillas in Uganda

Gorillas in Uganda

Why not take a mountain gorilla trek and experience the magic of seeing these creatures up close in the wild, observing first-hand their natural behaviour in their native habitat.

As well as seeing Gorillas, as Uganda is a uniquely lush destination, you can see lions prowling the open plains in the morning and track chimpanzees through the rainforest undergrowth in the afternoon.

Uganda is the only safari destination whose range of forest primates is as impressive as its selection of plains antelopes. Besides the wide biodiversity, Uganda is also blessed with a vast bird population of more than 1,000 species.

Find out more about our 6-night ‘Gorillas, Wildlife & Chimps’ itinerary here: https://www.somak.com/uganda/suggested-itineraries/gorillas,_wildlife_&_chimps

Spot the Big Five in Kenya

Leopard in a tree in Kenya

Leopard in a tree

At the heart of East Africa, straddling the equator, is a land of wildlife documentary heaven and a sunbather’s paradise! The country plays host to the largest animal movement in the world during the annual migration into the Masai Mara, which is home to the ‘big five’ – elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino and leopard, and has a heritage and culture which fascinates all those who visit. Experience Kenyan wildlife as it happens, right in front of you. And, at the end of the day, relax in style at one of the fabulous fine African safari lodges.

Find out more about our Kenya safari itineraries here: https://www.somak.com/kenya-safari


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