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5 Films to watch to inspire you to visit Africa

If you are looking for some movie inspiration here are 5 of our favourite movies that are set in Africa that lend a better sense of our favourite continent. We hope that they will inspire you to travel to these destinations either later this year or early next!

 Out of Africa – Kenya

Mt Kili in Tanzania

Beautiful African Savannah

Out of Africa is a movie about Africa from 1988 and a classic that everyone should watch, with a medley of romance, stunning scenery, drama and lions!  It gives a glimpse into what it was like during the colonial times in East Africa.

Find out more about Kenya: https://www.somak.com/kenya-safari

Gorillas in the Mist – Rwanda

Gorillas in the Mist is a movie also from 1988 that chronicles the work of renowned primatologist, Dian Fossey, who spent 18 years of her life studying the social interactions of mountain gorilla families in the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda. The film illustrates just how deep a bond between animal and human can grow, as well as Dian’s struggles and achievements followed by her mysterious death.

Find out more about Rwanda: https://www.somak.com/rwanda

Queen of Katwe – Uganda

Disney's Queen of Katwe

Disney’s Queen of Katwe

This is an inspirational real-life story about a young girl called Phiona Mutesi who defied all odds to become one of Uganda’s best female chess champions. The story shows glimpses of her life growing up in the slums of Uganda’s capital where she was first introduced to the game of chess. The movie stars Lupita Nyong’o and is produced by Disney.

Find out more about Uganda: https://www.somak.com/uganda

 Long Walk to Freedom – South Africa

Mandela - Long walk to freedom

Mandela – Long walk to freedom

This is a must watch and is based on Nelson Mandela’s own autobiography. You’ll get a deeper understanding of the politics of South Africa and the historical events that occurred as well as the impacts and influence it had on modern day life, from statues and important buildings to street names and street art named after this important figure in South African history.

Find out more about South Africa: https://www.somak.com/south_africa

The Endless Summer – in search of the perfect wave

 Western Cape

The Endless Summer - in search of the perfect wave

The Endless Summer – in search of the perfect wave

This film is another classic that inspired a generation of surfers and travellers alike in the Southern Hemisphere. Bruce Brown documents the journey of two surfers as they leave the cold Californian coast behind in search of an “endless summer” in the Southern Hemisphere. They end up alongside the coastlines of Senegal, Ghana, and South Africa and through this film you can see  the excellent surf that can still be found in the Western Cape to this day. If you’re into surfing you’ll really enjoy this film!

Let us know if you’ve seen any of them or plan to watch them!


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