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Zimbabwe - Mana Pools National Park

This wild and beautiful park is the only game park in Zimbabwe to be granted a World Heritage Status. It is home to a wide variety of large mammals, lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas, over 350 bird species and aquatic wildlife. Mana Pools is one of Zimbabwe's most popular parks.

This national park has been set aside to be kept as wild as possible with only non-invasive, zero-impact tourism allowed. There are no safari lodges, generators, electric fences or other structures associated with safari camps as these are banned by law. All mobile camps must be taken down the day clients depart to ensure minimal damage to the ecosystem.

The name 'Mana' means 'four' in the local Shona language - there are four large pools inland from the Zambezi River. These pools are the remnant ox-bow lakes that the Zambezi River carved out thousands of years ago as it changed its course northwards. Hippopotamus, crocodiles and a wide variety of aquatic birds are associated with the pools.

Set in the most remote part of the World Heritage site in Mana Pools National Park, Kanga Camp takes its name from Kanga Pan near Chitake Springs. This remote area has never been developed and Kanga Camp offers a pure and unspoilt African experience ...
Situated on a large private concession in a remote and beautiful place in the heart of the Zambezi Valley's Mana Pools National Park, Ruckomechi Camp looks out from the banks of the mighty Zambezi River and is shaded by a large grove of acacia and ma...
Zambezi Life Styles is a mobile safari camp located on the shore of the Lower Zambezi River in Mana Pools National Park, well known for its wildlife rich flood plains, the mighty Zambezi River and the magnificent views of the back drop of the Zambezi...


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