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Namibia - Otavi

The small town of Otavi, along with Grootfontein and Tsumeb, is part of the so-called Triangle, a relatively high-rainfall area which is agriculturally prosperous. While the town itself doesn't have much in terms of tourist attractions, the surroundings have. The Khorab Memorial, about 3 km from Otavi, dates back to the First World War and marks the spot where a ceasefire was signed at Khorab on 9 July 1915. On the farm Ghaub, 35 km north east of Otavi, are the Ghaub Caves, remarkable for their stalactites and Bushman paintings. They are on private property and visitors need a permit to visit them, which can be obtained in Windhoek at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.
The Khorab Lodge is a cool oasis on your journey to the northern areas of Namibia. Here you will experience a relaxed, personalized and friendly atmosphere that you will appreciate after a long journey.


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Explore the Namib Desert, the apricot coloured dunes of Sossusvlei, the quaint Germanic architecture in the coastal town of Swakopmond, nestled between the Ocean and the Desert, the rough terrain of Damaraland and the abundant wildlife in the world renowned Etosha National Park.