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Namibia - Damaraland Region

A mountainous wilderness region famed for its outstanding natural beauty including 'The Brandberg' - Namibia's highest mountain and home to the famous 'White Lady' Bushman Painting. Twyfelfontein is the only inscribed UNESCO World Heritage Site in Namibia, a wonderful rocky outcrop featuring thousands of Bushman engravings.
Built creatively into the large granite boulders of the area. Relax in the lounge where you can marvel at the mountain views as well as the breathtaking sunsets.
On the north face of the Huab River Valley, with sensational views of the surrounding desert plains and soaring peaks of the Brandberg Mountains.
Resting on a small hillock overlooking an ancient floodplain, this lodge provides an excellent base from which to explore the local area in game drive vehicles or on foot.
A remote and rocky refuge with great tented accommodation and beautiful desert scenery.
Built in the wattle and daub style under mopane trees and connected by a labyrinth of paths, the main building and chalets of the lodge look like an African village.
Igowati means 'desert dunes' in the native Damara language and is a perfect stopover when exploring the wonders of Damaraland.
The Twyfelfontein area is a very vulnerable and delicate ecosystem which is renowned for some of the best examples of Bushman paintings and Rock Engravings in Southern Africa.


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