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Ethiopia - Lake Langano

Unlike many other freshwater lakes in Ethiopia, Lake Langano is safe to swim in, making it popular with tourists and city-dwellers. There are a number of resorts around the lake and water sports are popular. Bordering the eastern shore of Lake Langano is East Langano Nature Reserve, a beautiful lakeside forest, home to a variety of birds and mammals including monkeys, baboons and warthogs. The area is a delight to explore on foot or on horseback.
The unusual landscape at the resort offers both a serene beachfront as well as a vast cliff-top with breathtaking views over the lake. At Sabana you can start your day with the whistling of birds, admiring the sunrise over the lake's horizon right fr...


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Wildlife And Tribal Culture

13 Nights

This itinerary is designed for those who love nature, wildlife, and authentic culture. It gives you the opportunity to meet several of Ethiopia's fascinating tribes and to learn about their culture, with visits to Mursi, Hamer, Karo and other Omo valley tribes.