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South Africa - Western Cape

The Western Cape, with its splendid scenery, has long been a magnet for visitors to South Africa. This is where you will find the Cape Winelands and a beautiful stretch of coastline. Most visitors list Table Mountain, Robben Island (where the late Nelson Mandela was incarcerated) and a visit to the Cape of Good Hope, at the tip of the Cape Peninsula, as priorities. The province is one of the country's most beautiful, attracting the lion's share of foreign tourists. It is a region of majestic mountains, colourful patchworks of farmland set in lovely valleys, long beaches, and further inland, the wide-open landscape of the semi desert, Karoo. Two oceans meet on the coast of the Western Cape: the cold Atlantic Ocean is in the west, while the warmer Indian Ocean lies on the southern coast. The plankton-rich cold Benguela current flows along the west coast and is considered to be one of the world's richest fishing grounds.
A stylish ecological retreat amidst its very own wilderness park.


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