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Ethiopia - Goba

Goba is a gateway to the Bale Mountains National Park. The park is the ultimate destination for hikers, wildlife watchers, culture and nature enthusiasts, bird watchers and more! One of the best places to spot the rare and endangered Ethiopian Wolf is on the spectacular Sanetti Plateau as the sun rises. Explore one of the highest parks in Africa by horseback, go fishing, or experience an authentic community, trying local coffee and honey!
A basic hotel about 2 km outside Goba, the capital of the Bale region. The hotel is surrounded by spacious gardens.


Top Itinerary


Wildlife And Tribal Culture

13 Nights

This itinerary is designed for those who love nature, wildlife, and authentic culture. It gives you the opportunity to meet several of Ethiopia's fascinating tribes and to learn about their culture, with visits to Mursi, Hamer, Karo and other Omo valley tribes.