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Ethiopia - Awassa

The city of Awassa combines the conviviality of a medium sized city with the peace and space of Lake Awassa. Various excursion and recreational opportunities are available in and around the city, which is dominated by the golden domes of St Gabriel Church. The bustling markets are not to be missed. Awassa Lake, the smallest of the Rift Valley Lakes, is full of fish and the home of a group of hippos, usually located in the southeast side. A variety of bird species can be seen on and around the lake.
A comfortable hotel in the heart of Awassa, only 1 kilometre from Lake Awassa. Here you will enjoy good facilities and warm hospitality.


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Wildlife And Tribal Culture

13 Nights

This itinerary is designed for those who love nature, wildlife, and authentic culture. It gives you the opportunity to meet several of Ethiopia's fascinating tribes and to learn about their culture, with visits to Mursi, Hamer, Karo and other Omo valley tribes.