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Five Things From A Safari That Will Change Your Life

Some journeys are a collection of experiences so beautiful and unique that they can transform into something much more than just a normal holiday break. Travelling can fundamentally change you as a person, your attitude to life, and how you look at the world and those around you.

Everyone has a catalogue of special travel moments somewhere in the corners of their memory, ready to cheer you up on a particularly grey day. Whether it’s beginning to understand a different culture and seeing through the eyes of others, or observing beautiful animals in their natural habitat, these are experiences that remind you there’s more to life than your everyday routine; these are experiences that wake you up.

According to our customers, some countries and journeys affect you more than others. However, there’s one general consensus on the subject of transformational journeys – your first African safari is like nothing else.

A safari experience will inspire you and leave you an awe-struck, different person when you come back.

Here are the top 5 things our customers have said, over the last 50 years, about how a safari has changed their lives.

para gliding

1. You become more adventurous and open-minded

Everybody has heard at some point that safari and adventure go hand in hand. However, you need to experience it to truly realise how much of a life changing adventure Africa can be.

After stepping out of your comfort zone and going on an African safari, everything gains a little perspective. You become more open to new experiences, to embracing other cultures, and you realise just how much bigger the world is than you had let yourself assume – just how much there is to explore. That’s why most of our clients want to come back to Africa after their first safari and seek even more amazing adventures.


2. You are more connected to nature

Have you ever noticed how most days you’re barely aware of the world around you? Who did you speak to on the way to work? That happens because at some point the predictable lives we build can overpower our capacity for imagination and creativity.

But when you go on a safari, something extraordinary happens. You observe the trees, mountains, rivers and animals around you and it’s a revelation! Awakening your senses to interact with nature is one of the most deeply satisfying things you’ll ever do and a deep-set peacefulness is your reward.

That moment when a wild animal accepts your presence and shares the path with you, or when you come across that plant, whose aroma is tantalisingly like sage when you brush against it, is a gateway to rediscovering your true human nature.

Your senses become heightened; you’re part of an ancient natural ecosystem where you belong. You will truly feel more linked to the natural world, and there’s no place like Africa to ignite that connection.

african native

3. Not everything you hear about Africa is true

Generalisations and misconceptions about places are very common and perpetuated both by the media and by popular culture.

When it comes to Africa, for instance, often people refer to it as a country, when instead it is an astonishingly diverse continent with dozens of independent nations, each one with a completely different history, culture, cuisine and identity.

Also, not all African countries are impoverished; take for instance South Africa, a wealthy country with many valuable natural resources. Of course, there are many countries struggling with poverty but there are also big cities with skyscrapers, technical innovation, and a drive for change and progress. One such seeming contradiction that surprises clients is spotting Masai people, proud of their traditional clothing and lifestyles, and texting on their mobile phones.

It's often hard to get a realistic view of such a beautiful place as Africa unless you actually go there and see for yourself. The cultural nuances, Western & Arabic influences, and immense diversity cannot be done justice by stories and photos – you need to step into the picture frame.


4. Experiences are more important than places

Travelling is much more than just going to places on your bucket list. After a safari experience you will be back home with a packet full of stories to share, and realise that those experiences are far more meaningful than just checking off a place from a list. You will probably notice that when you come back from your next journeys, you won’t talk that much about the landmarks or museums you’ve visited, but the captivating places, people you’ve met, conversations and experiences you’ve had. Simple things like standing in the safari truck and watching a lioness playing with her cubs can be singularly beautiful moments in time.

These experiences will live in your memory for years to come, and you’ll come back a storyteller.

mount kilimanjaro

5. Life is short

It’s not just a figure of speech, and usually life’s brevity takes us by surprise. Epic spectacles like the great wildebeest migration in Kenya or Tanzania remind you not to take the next 40 years for granted, but to live in the moment. The amazing wildlife show exhibits thousands of wildebeest and zebras facing life-threatening obstacles such as opportunist crocodiles, aggressive hippos, and hungry lions. The privilege of being there at that time and place can fully hit you and remind you of how fragile life is.

You might start asking yourself what you spend your time on and determining the things that really matter. Having coffee with a friend or dinner with family will look more important than pointless disputes, traffic jams or unnecessary meetings. So, if you’ve been thinking for a long time about going to that special place or climbing that mountain, you should actually do something and start planning it.

Make it happen!

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