Visiting South Africa in the Winter

Posted by Africatime team     Posted on 03/10/2017
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  • There are a lot of great reasons why you should visit South Africa in the winter. With excellent weather prevailing in most of the country, and plenty of off-season discounts available, South Africa’s winter season is the ideal time for a relaxing holiday that won’t break the bank.

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Cape Town

    Here are some of our best reasons to visit South Africa during the winter:


    The Weather is Still Pretty Great

    South Africa is a big country and, depending on where you go, the weather is pretty good all year round. During the winter, from May to July, temperatures are relatively mild. In particular, Cape Town and Johannesburg see high temperatures of about 18C to 20C, with lows of 4-7°C. Throughout the winter, rainfall across the country is minimal, except on the Western Cape (Cape Town) where it rains more in winter than summer.

    Even if the weather gets a bit chilly or rainy, you can always escape to a plethora of museums and art galleries, or even join a wine tasting event or two. Bring a brolly and some warm clothes just in case, and go see what surprises South African winter has in store for you.


    Seasonal Wildlife Spotting 

    Visiting Kruger National Park in the winter is a must-do. During the winter season, the bush and surrounding areas are less lush, which means that animals will be much easier to spot. You’ll have a high chance of seeing the Big Five: elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards, and rhinos. As an added bonus, there are fewer people exploring Kruger National Park during the winter, so the reserve is a lot quieter and prime accommodation locations are yours for the taking.

    Kruger National Park, South Africa

    Kruger National Park

    This time of year can get very cold though, so bring your winter gear, especially when going on game drives in the early morning or late in the evening. However, it can also get warm during the day, so layer your clothes well in order to cope with the temperature fluctuations throughout the day.


    Winter Wine Country

    South Africa is a haven for wine lovers. With numerous wineries offering award- winning wines in gorgeous estates, you can add a touch of luxury to your South African holiday.

    Winelands, South Africa


    Head to Stellenbosch for the chance to visit some of the oldest and most famous wine estates South Africa has to offer, such as Kanonkop, Rust and Vrede. If the weather’s cold and rainy, don’t worry! Many wine estates have fireplaces and cosy corners where you can sip wine in absolute comfort, safe from the elements. To top it all off, wineries are much quieter during the winter season so you don’t have to worry about crowds.


    City Hopping

    South Africa has many cities that are ideal to explore during the winter. Johannesburg sees a mild winter with minimal rainfall, making it the perfect place for exploring the outdoors. And with excellent alfresco dining options available, you’ll have the chance to do just that. Johannesburg also offers a range of indoor activities, just in case the weather is questionable. Make a beeline for the Apartheid Museum to learn about South Africa’s painful yet fascinating past, or head to the nearby Sterkfontein caves to see the place where early human remains were found.

    Durban, South Africa


    Durban is another great city that offers fabulous fun during the winter months. Temperatures are mild, ranging between 14 and 23°C, and rainfall is minimal in June and July, making it perfect weather for a bike ride along The Golden Mile, Durban’s famous beachfront. For a spot of retail therapy, Durban is home to a number of superb shopping centres and The Markets of Warwick – the largest street market in South Africa.


    Head to South Africa

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