Things you must try on a South Africa holiday

Posted by Africatime team     Posted on 10/02/2017
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    A South Africa holiday is high on the list for most people with an enthusiasm for world travel. This is no surprise, considering that Cape Town, one of South Africa’s largest cities, is consistently voted as one of the ‘World’s best cities’ by a plethora of travel agents and review websites. In fact, the entire country is billed as one of the highest rated holiday experiences you can ever have, thanks to the diversity of activities, appealing climate and stunning natural beauty of the region.

    Of course, what makes a South Africa holiday really special is the unadulterated luxury and style with which you can enjoy this wonderful country. This post will seek to guide you towards getting the best possible experience out of your South Africa holiday by suggesting a few ‘must try’ activities during your stay, I hope you get the chance to try them out.

    See the big five with your own eyes.

    South Africa holiday - elephants

    It’s often the first thing you’ll read about in any guide to South Africa – and with good reason. A safari is  synonymous with the South African experience. To get a true experience of what a safari has to offer, it’s recommended to spend a few nights out in the bush to ensure you maximise your chances of seeing (and hearing!) the true majesty of the animal kingdom during your stay. However, this is not to say you have to rough it out in a tent for a few days to get the best experience. There are countless luxury camps and lodges at South Africa’s different game reserves. They help keep you in the heart of the wild action without impacting on the comfort and enjoyment of your experience.

    Explore shipwrecks on the Cape Peninsula.

    The Cape Peninsula is well known for its turbulent coastal conditions during the Winter season. As such it has claimed many ships to a watery grave throughout the centuries. The specific conditions of cold water and high salinity here have ensured that many of these old shipwrecks have remained in remarkable condition. There is a wide range of dive centres available that all cater for your equipment and training needs. They also offer a variety of different dive locations depending on your past experience and how challenging you want the activity to be, so there will always be something new for you to explore down there.

    Visit Zululand to learn about their amazing history and culture.

    South Africa holiday - Zulu dancers

    The Zulus are the largest ethnic group in South Africa, with an estimated 11 million living primarily in the KwaZulu-Natal province. Their history is one of hardship and oppression under apartheid, and brutal battles with the British during the 19th Century. However, despite the challenges faced by these people throughout their history, they have successfully preserved their fascinating way of life. If you get the chance, visit the Zulu heartland. Specialist tours visit the battlefields of the colonial era and re-enact ancient conflicts. Better still, you can absorb some of the native language, fashion, cooking, and religious celebrations the people are famous for.

    Stay fit and healthy South African style

    South Africa’s wonderful climate and abundance of sporting resources mean there’s something for everyone to enjoy, so no excuse for lazing around all day. For low stress activity, you can spend a mellow day sampling one of the many beautiful golf courses the country has to offer, just mind the ostriches and giraffes that may occasionally cross some more remote fairways. Afterwards you can relax at the luxury accommodation and spa resorts that invariably accompany these golf clubs and come highly recommended for the grandeur and enjoyment they provide. However, if you’re after something with a bigger adrenaline rush, perhaps consider learning how to ride an ostrich at one of the farms in the small town of Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape, or tackle the surf on South Africa’s Indian Ocean shores.

    While it’s impossible to outline every single recommendation without writing a (very) large book, I hope this glimpse into what a South Africa holiday has to offer is enough to whet your appetite and encourage you to come visit and see what else this wonderful country has to offer.

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