Endangered Species Day 2019

Posted by Binny Shah-Patel     Posted on 15/05/2019
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  • Endangered Species Day is a chance to raise awareness about the sad plight of some of the wonderful animals we can currently spot whilst on an African safari, such as elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, rhinos and the Grevys zebras, just to name a few. It is an important conversation to be had, so that we can try our level best collectively, to ensure future generations can also see these remarkable animals just as we are so lucky to.

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    Endangered species are those animals that are currently in existence, but unless the right steps are taken to safeguard them, they may not be for much longer, and their numbers are depleting rapidly.

    The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is a global authority that determines the endangered status of a species and subspecies, using a set of criteria to evaluate their extinction risk. They assign a ranking from Least Concern, Near Threatened, Vulnerable, Endangered, Critically Endangered, Extinct in the Wild, and Extinct.
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    At Somak Holidays, we ensure we work with responsible service providers to facilitate our itineraries, so that you can observe these animals in a manner which allows each to behave in their natural wild way without any threat or disturbance.
    We can all play a part to ensure the wildlife in Africa continues to be protected, and by going on a safari holiday you will be helping, as the income generated from safari tourism helps to pay for the costs of conservation efforts.
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