African Safari Diaries: Josephine and Steve’s Cheetah Safari

Posted by Binny Shah-Patel     Posted on 29/07/2019
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  • Josephine and Steve recently visited Kenya and opted for our most popular itinerary, the Cheetah Safari. This traditional seven-night safari visits Samburu, home to unique wildlife, followed by the Rift Valley Lakes. The final destination is the Masai Mara, where vast numbers of plains game and spectacular big cats abide. Josephine has shared her experience and some lovely photos with us.

    1.  Was this your first time visiting Kenya? What made you decide to visit?

    Safari in Kenya

    On our first day during the drive from the Somak Lounge to the Aberdare Country Club we encountered a flat tyre! The brilliant drivers fixing the tyre whilst we all get photos of the action.

    Yes it was our first visit to Kenya. We have both always wanted to visit Kenya & heard it was the best place to see all the Big 5. 

    2.  How did you choose your itinerary?

    We looked through the Somak Brochure and thought the Cheetah Safari gave a range of areas to visit within the 7-night timeframe. 

    3.  Where did you stay whilst on your trip and what was your favourite property and place?

    Aberdare Country Club, Ashnil Samburu Camp, Serena Mountain Lodge, Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge & Ashnil Mara Camp. The properties are all unique so it’s difficult to choose a favourite but we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Ashnil Samburu Camp, as whilst driving towards the camp it felt like you were in Jurassic Park.

    Also the Serena Mountain Lodge is just spectacular with the waterhole. 

    4.  What were your highlights from your trip?

    Kenya safari

    Masai Mara

    Our highlight of course was managing to see all the Big 5. We also booked the Masai Mara balloon flight which was the most amazing experience, seeing all the wildebeest from above was just mesmerising. I can’t remember the amount of times I said ‘this is just unreal’. 

    5.   Do you have any advice or tips for anyone thinking of going on a holiday to Kenya?

    safari holiday in Kenya


    Don’t go with the frame of mind that you want to see certain animals, you should enjoy every minute of your holiday as it’s just an amazing experience, and very importantly make sure you have insect repellant!

    Amazing wildlife on Kenya safari

    Sleeping lions

    We kitted ourselves out with the Nosilife clothing (insect defence clothing) and we came home with no bites! Others in our group were counting each day the amount of bites they had.

    Also invest in some binoculars and a camera with a good zoom as you will need it if you don’t want to miss a thing! 


    If after reading about Josephine’s experience you would like to book a similar itinerary, you can read more about our Cheetah Safari here.

    We would love to work with you to plan the safari holiday of a lifetime. For more information on how our safari experts can help you, call Somak Holidays today on 020 8423 3000.

    Please note all photos featured are credited to Josephine Cartwright.

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