5 Ways to be a more sustainable traveller

Posted by Binny Shah-Patel     Posted on 10/12/2019
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  • Making sustainable choices when travelling is so much easier than you may first anticipate. It’s all about limiting environmental damage, supporting and engaging local communities, and protecting culture.
    Hippos in Kenya

    Hippos in Kenya

    Here are 5 ways to become a more sustainable traveller.

    Book with tour companies that give back to the community

    Try to book with tour companies that give back to local communities and who empower the local community. For example, if you book with Somak Holidays and opt to stay at Ashnil Mara, they support the Loigero Primary School, which is located close to the entry gate of the Masai Mara and serves the Masai community of Talek. Thanks to support and donations the school is able to offer a meal for every pupil.

    Pick up rubbish when you leave or from the beach

    Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

    Try to pay it forward and pick up one item of rubbish that isn’t yours or if you are heading to the beach, take a bag with you and fill it up with any rubbish you come across.

    Every little helps – just picking up one piece of plastic on a beach means one less piece of rubbish ending up in the sea.

    Switch to using a re-usable steel water bottle

    Why not pack a steel water bottle and refill it every time you want water instead of purchasing single-use plastic bottles of water. It is environmentally friendly and you can use it at home too.

    Shop locally

    Support the local economy and limit your carbon footprint by opting to shop locally or eating food from street vendors or local independent restaurants.

    Book eco-friendly accommodation

    Pick somewhere eco-conscious when choosing where to stay on your trip.

    Sweetwaters Serena Camp

    Sweetwaters Serena Camp

    Things to look out for are: if the property has energy-saving measures or water-saving practices in place. For example, are they reusing towels. Or if they are using renewable energy such as solar power or recycle waste.

    You can also avoid single-use plastic waste when staying somewhere by bringing your own toiletries instead of using the ones supplied by the hotel or lodge as these will simply be thrown away by the hotel after your stay.

    You can read about 5 Eco-lodges in Kenya.

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