5 Unique Luxury Game Lodges in Africa

Posted by Binny Shah-Patel     Posted on 04/09/2018
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  • Africa is home to a whole range of eclectic lodges and camps amidst its stunning and diverse landscapes. We’ve picked 5 of the most unique luxurious game lodges in Africa for a one of a kind experience, ranging from staying in treehouses, sharing breakfast time with giraffes who occasionally peek through the hotel’s windows, to sleeping on beds on an open deck under the stars.

    Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, South Africa

    Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge

    Photo credit: Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge

    Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, which is situated within the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, is one of four completely separate luxurious, all-suite, award-winning lodges with very distinct characters and atmospheres.

    Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge is sculpted into a slope of the earth, almost invisible, as its camouflaged into the landscape, and uses texture, light and space cleverly. Its rustic rough mud walls remind you that you are in wild Africa and offer an experience like no other.

    Earth Lodge, Sabi Sabi

    Tarangire Treetops, Tanzania

    Tarangire Treetops

    Photo credit: Tarangire Treetops

    Tarangire Treetops sits alone in the private game reserve bordering Tarangire National Park and the Masai Steppe amid rolling, baobab-studded hills, with views to Lake Manyara and the Rift Valley wall.

    This exclusive lodge has a magical, adventurous and exotic feel, whilst exuding a timeless essence, which will take you back to days gone by.

    The unique ‘tree house’ rooms are all elevated with stunning views across the tops of age-old baobab and marula trees that surround the lodge.

    Tarangire Treetops

    Loisaba Star Beds, Kenya

    Situated in the beautiful Loisaba Conservancy in Laikipia, Loisaba Tented Camp is perched on the edge of an escarpment with panoramic views across the Laikipia plains to Mt Kenya.
    Loisaba Star Beds

    Photo credit: Loisaba Star Beds

    You can have a unique experience sleeping under the stars. The accommodation has a thatched roof, open walls, a double handcrafted bed with wheels and an extensive uncovered decking area. Each night your bed, which is draped in warm comfortable blankets, is pulled out onto the open deck, enabling you to sleep under the stars with nothing but the sounds of the wilderness as company.

    Loisaba Tented Camp

    Ulusaba, South Africa


    Photo credit: Ulusaba

    Ulusaba, situated within the prestigious Sabi Sands Game Reserve, is part of the Virgin Limited Edition collection and has two distinctly different lodges, each with its own ambience but both with first-class service and amenities. The Rock Lodge sits high atop a rocky mountain, offering its visitors unobstructed views of the African savannah.

    The Safari Lodge, is slightly more laid back and consists of thatched-roof cottages, built tree house style and nestled down in the African landscape, some accessed in a unique way by swing bridges.


    Photo credit: Ulusaba

    Ulusaba Private Game Reserve

    Giraffe Manor, Kenya

    Giraffe Manor

    Photo credit: Giraffe Manor


    Giraffe Manor is an exclusive boutique hotel famous for its resident herd of Rothschild giraffes who are renowned for sticking their curious heads through the large purpose built windows of the hotel during meal times.
    Giraffe Manor

    Photo credit: Giraffe Manor


    Giraffe Manor is surrounded by 140 acres of indigenous forest just outside Nairobi. As well as the giraffe, the property is also home to many species of birds, large families of warthogs and the elusive bushbuck.

    Giraffe Manor

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