6 Travel trends for 2019

Posted by Binny Shah-Patel     Posted on 28/01/2019
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  • From star gazing to sustainable travel, here are our predicted top trends that are set to sway travellers this year.

    Star gazing and sleeping under the stars

    Star gazing and choosing accommodation that enables you to sleep under the stars and experience the magic of the African night sky are predicted to be a trend this year. At Loisaba Tented Camp you can stay in fantastic accommodation with a thatched roof, open walls, a double handcrafted bed with wheels and an extensive uncovered decking area. Each night your bed, which is draped in warm comfortable blankets, is pulled out onto the open deck, enabling you to sleep under the stars with nothing but the sounds of the wilderness as company.

    Loisaba Tented Camp, Kenya

    Loisaba Star Bed

    In some conservancies you may have the additional experience of going on a Night safari and experiencing the game park in a different way, lit up by the twinkling of the stars against the magical night sky.


    Homestay in Jaipur

    Homestay in Jaipur

    Immerse yourself in the local culture and customs of a destination by staying at a Homestay, which is a type of accommodation, mainly a family’s home, with a similar concept to a bed & breakfast. In terms of size they are a lot smaller than hotels with a much more boutique feel, often with just a few guest rooms located either within the owners own home or in a house nearby. They usually offer the same comfort as a hotel and are a great way to get to know the insider aspects of a destination in depth. They are gaining in popularity over recent years and are predicted to continue to be preferred as an alternative type of accommodation.

    8 Reasons to choose a Homestay as Accommodation

    Food Experiences

    Food tour in Delhi

    Food tour in Delhi

    Food tours and cooking classes are gaining popularity as a trend as they allow you to book yourself into cooking classes to learn how to cook the local cuisine, or go on a food tour sampling some local delicacies, or visit local food markets.

    Sustainable travel

    The attitudes of travellers are evolving as more coverage about the planet has resulted in a rise in the demand for sustainable tourism and ethical travel.

    We can recommend Eco friendly lodges for your itineraries based on your preferences.

    Eco-Friendly Holidays

    Learning about local crafts

    Alongside sightseeing, popular excursions trending this year are visiting artisan and local craft shops/businesses to see the production of artisan products. We can build these into your itinerary.

    Ocean Sole, Nairobi, Kenya

    Ocean Sole

    Popular ones in Kenya include visiting Kitengela Glass, which is located opposite the Nairobi National Park, Ocean Sole, where you can see art being created with recycled flip-flops, and buy items if you wish, as well as Kazuri beads which is a Fair Trade ceramic jewellery business where every bead is shaped by hand into various types of jewellery, by one of the 300 local women employed by Kazuri.

    Kazuri Beads, Nairobi, Kenya

    Kazuri Beads

    If you would like to find out more about visiting Kenya, visit our website here. https://www.somak.com/kenya-safari

    Solo Travel

    Solo travel

    Photo credit: Margaret Lamont


    The continued increase of solo travel and solo holidays is a hot trend prominent in the industry, with a rise in popularity of solo safaris.
    You can read about our favourite Solo Safariist’s experience.

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