5 reasons to visit Sri Lanka

Posted by Binny Shah-Patel     Posted on 07/02/2019
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    Sri Lanka

    With an array of holiday experiences ranging from relaxing on beautiful golden beaches, hiking amongst the misty mountains, wildlife viewing, immersing yourself in Sri Lanka’s intriguing past, enjoying the delicious tea and cuisine, it is time Sri Lanka was added to your travel radar.

    Sri Lanka is a relatively small island, and therefore you can pack so much in during a fairly short stay. Whether you are drawn to exploring the ancient Buddhist temples and forts, trekking through the rugged landscapes, visiting some of the numerous tea plantations, enjoying a safari with the possibility of seeing elephants and tigers, or just simply taking the opportunity to relax and soak up the culture, cuisine and the ever-so-friendly people, then we can tailor-make for you a holiday that will remain in your memory for years to come.

    For an Asian Safari Experience

    Elephants in Sri Lanka

    Elephants in Sri Lanka

    If you are a first time safari go-er you can experience an Asian safari in Sri Lanka and see amazing animals such as the Asian elephants, leopards, tigers, monkeys  and so much more.

    Hiking & Outdoor Activities

    Sri Lanka

    Sigiriya Rock


    Beaches in Sri Lanka

    Beaches in Sri Lanka

    If you love hiking or are adventurous, we recommend a hike to the top of Sigiriya. Other outdoor activities you can participate in include surfing, cycling, rock-climbing, relaxing on the golden beaches and so much more!

    Delicious Food

    Thanks to Sri Lanka’s tropical climate, there is an abundance of fresh produce, which is especially perfect for vegetarians. Sri Lankan food is a real delight and a treat to the senses with the myriad of flavours, ingredients and textures. We recommend trying a traditional Egg Hopper whilst you are there.

    Temples & Buddhist Culture

    Buddhist Statues in Sri Lanka

    Buddhist Statues in Sri Lanka

    Buddhism accounts for approximately 70% of Sri Lanka’s religious population, with lots of amazing temples to visit and remarkable Buddha statues to see.

    The People 

    The people in Sri Lanka are really lovely and so proud of their country and culture. They welcome visitors like family to their businesses and so you will be well looked after by the warm hospitality whilst you are there.


    If you are thinking of visiting Sri Lanka we can tailor-make itineraries to your own specifications. We also have a set 8-night itinerary called Highlights of Sri Lanka and Beach where you can experience the principal heritage sites of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle, before heading to the hills in traditional tea country. At the end of your stay you can take some time out on a tropical Indian Ocean beach.

    For more details  call us on 0208 423 3000 or email holidays@somak.co.uk and we will be delighted to help you plan your  trip to Sri Lanka.

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