5 Reasons to visit Ethiopia

Posted by Binny Shah-Patel     Posted on 12/02/2019
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  • Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country and is shaped by its regal past and over a 1,000 years of Christianity. As a result it has a vast variety of amazing architectural sites to see, ranging from the medieval site at Lalibela, the baroque-style royal residences at Gondor, and the cultural terraces of the Konso highlands. It is such a diverse country, packed full of so much history, culture and wildlife, and is a very up-and-coming destination. Here are 5 reasons to add Ethiopia to your travel radar.

    Great connectivity

    With Ethiopian Airlines flying to amazing destinations via Addis Ababa, it means that you can easily combine a cultural visit in Ethiopia with other fantastic destinations, such as Kenya, and add on a safari or beach break to your trip.

    The landscape

    Blue Nile Falls

    Blue Nile Falls

    Ethiopia is blessed with incredible and contrasting landscapes such as the Simien Mountains, Danakil Depressions and the Blue Nile Falls, which are breathtaking.

    The wildlife

    Ethiopian Wolf

    Ethiopian Wolf

    Ethiopia is home to some rare species of birds and animals such as the Mountain Nyala, Gelada baboon, the Walia Ibex, the mountain horned goats, and the Ethiopian wolf, which are all unique to Ethiopia, making sightings very exciting for wildlife enthusiasts.

    Historical sites



    There are so many amazing historical sites to see in Ethiopia, such as the 12th and 13th century rock-cut churches of Lalibela, the 17th century Castle of Fasilides and the Castle, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Coffee and Cuisine

    Ethiopia is well known for its coffee and it was actually where coffee was first discovered in the 9th century! Alongside this world-famous brew, Ethiopia is also known for its food and especially injera, which is a large, spongy, pancake-like bread, on which portions of spicy meat and vegetables are served. Delicious and a must try!

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